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Welcome to USA CDL Driving School.

USA CDL Driving School Corp. was founded to dedicate itself to its primary objective: “To provide quality technical continuing education and associated services to enable individuals to obtain better career opportunities.” Our staff prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a commercial driving career as well as the (CDL) License, whether your objective is driving a tractor-trailer, truck, or bus vehicle.

You will also train and prepare with the latest equipment and technologies enabling you to successfully pass any employers’ pre-employment skills test. This is our mission.

In order to accomplish our primary objective, USA CDL Driving School Corp. continuously reviews its methods of training by maintaining on-going dialogue with new students, graduates, employers and regulatory bodies that contribute to our organization’s future performance and highest standard.

We hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming classes and wish you the best in your new profession.



News and Bulletins

Bravo! More Drivers Are On The Road!

USA CDL Driving School is proud to announce some recent statistics for January.  Amazingly, the trucking industry has  added 1,500 jobs in January. We extend our hearty congratulations to those 1500 newly employed truck drivers! On top of this good news, on February 5th, we discovered the fact that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%, […]


Truckers Aid Flint’s Thirst!

Once again, truck drivers have proven they are true heroes when called on to solve a crisis.  Without asking for fame and  fanfare, the trucking industry has met the cry for clean water, issued from Flint, Michigan.  Today, USA CDL Driving School honors them with this blog article. As you probably know, residents of Flint […]


The DOT Romances Required Speed Limiters!

Probably due to the holidays, the Department of Transportation has not given us its usual monthly regulatory update since November. This month, they resumed their monthly regulary reports, and we have breaking news from it for you!   Here at the USA CDL Driving School, we have learned that this week the DOT is hoping […]


Truck Driver’s Alert: ELD Required!

Now that all the dust and glitter of the holidays has faded, USA CDL Driving School thinks it’s time to deliver the scoop on ELDs.  You might already know that federal law now requires drivers to utilize electronic logging devices instead of hand-written records.  The evolution of the ELD rules has created a story that USA […]


Haul Out 2015! Roll In 2016! Happy New Year!

USA CDL Driving School announces that the time has come to haul away 2015 and roll out a brand new year!  It rolls in the 18 silver wheels of the past and rolls out on the golden high-ways of the future.  That’s why we will call it “the Present-2016!” The Teachers, Students, Drivers, Staff and […]


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