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Welcome to USA CDL Driving School.

USA CDL Driving School Corp. was founded to dedicate itself to its primary objective: “To provide quality technical continuing education and associated services to enable individuals to obtain better career opportunities.” Our staff prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a commercial driving career as well as the (CDL) License, whether your objective is driving a tractor-trailer, truck, or bus vehicle.

You will also train and prepare with the latest equipment and technologies enabling you to successfully pass any employers’ pre-employment skills test. This is our mission.

In order to accomplish our primary objective, USA CDL Driving School Corp. continuously reviews its methods of training by maintaining on-going dialogue with new students, graduates, employers and regulatory bodies that contribute to our organization’s future performance and highest standard.

We hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming classes and wish you the best in your new profession.



News and Bulletins

Memorial Day: Trucking For Heroes!

At USA CDL Driving School, we know the trucking industry has been hard at work helping you prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day Week-end!  Drivers have hauled tons of holiday food and drink thousands of miles. No matter how large or small an American town is, they will be utilizing extra goodies and extra paper […]


Platooning: The Hi-Tech Convoy!

In the most recent USA CDL Driving School blog, we promised to bring you more information about truck autonomous truck platooning. Our previous blog was Part 1 of our coverage of the new 21st century platooning concept. You might want to review it before reading this blog, which is Part 2 In Part 1, “More […]


Platooning: More Than A Convoy

USA CDL Driving School asks you to visualize a glimpse of the future, and then we will tell you the trucking secrets of the present:  The Scene:  You are driving a well-traveled mountain highway road in Germany.  You stop at an over-look or turn-out, to view the landscape.  You look across the chasm and above you […]


Happy Mother’s Day Plus Tech News!

USA CDL Driving School wants to be among the first to wish you and your family a Happy Mother’s Day. Even as you read this article, thousands of trusty trucks are rolling down the U.S. high-ways, by-ways, free-ways and country roads, loaded with gifts, candy, cards and flowers. The treasures are for the mothers of […]


Kudos to the ATA and the EPA!

USA CDL Driving School is proud to announce that American Trucking Associations has recently won a prestigious award called the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge. According to this week’s Transportation Topics, only seven national winners are given SmartWay recognition by the Environmental Protection Agency. In this blog, we are always on the look-out for awards and honors […]


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