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Welcome to USA CDL Driving School.

USA CDL Driving School Corp. was founded to dedicate itself to its primary objective: “To provide quality technical continuing education and associated services to enable individuals to obtain better career opportunities.” Our staff prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a commercial driving career as well as the (CDL) License, whether your objective is driving a tractor-trailer, truck, or bus vehicle.

You will also train and prepare with the latest equipment and technologies enabling you to successfully pass any employers’ pre-employment skills test. This is our mission.

In order to accomplish our primary objective, USA CDL Driving School Corp. continuously reviews its methods of training by maintaining on-going dialogue with new students, graduates, employers and regulatory bodies that contribute to our organization’s future performance and highest standard.

We hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming classes and wish you the best in your new profession.



News and Bulletins

Speed Limiter News You Need To Use

It’s been written, re-written, argued and polished –what is “it?”  “It” is a speed limiting mandate. In this blog, USA CDL Driving School talks about the long anticipated, much debated, proposal for mandating speed limiters.      The proposed mandate for installing speed limiters in heavy duty trucks will be published in the Federal Register […]


E-Cigs: Where there’s Smoke, There’s Fire?

There is no doubt about the popularity of a relatively new wrinkle in the tobacco world:  the e-cig, or  The “e-cigarette.” It is abasically a nicotine delivery system:  In the world of trucking, some drivers have found the new habit of “vaporizing” to be a way of breaking the cigarette smoking habit. Likewise, some drivers […]


Trucks, Terror and the Future

Jason Cannon and other journalists have recently published articles that are provoking a lot of talk among truck drivers and supporters of the nation’s trucking industry. This is a topic of concern for trucking companies, local, state and federal governments as well as truck driving schools like USA CDL Driving School. The topic? Trucks and terror. Jason […]


Tired Tire Tread Won’t Roll!

USA CDL Driving School Sends Hot Summer Greetings, to Drivers, Instructors, Students and curious friends of the trucking industry!  Do you remember you were warned that the Road Check inspection Blitz was, as always in June? Likewise, we warned you of this year’s theme:  Tires! Tread Depth Violations Exposed at Road Check Here at USA […]


Crash Accountability: Think about it!

You will undoubtedly will hear about the FMCSA’s Crash Accountability Demonstration Program over the next two months.  So, we want to zone in on some of the plans, proposed rules and policies that might some day affect our drivers, students and truckers everywhere. This blog will feature some of the major policy ideas recently outlined […]


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