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Welcome to USA CDL Driving School.

USA CDL Driving School Corp. was founded to dedicate itself to its primary objective: “To provide quality technical continuing education and associated services to enable individuals to obtain better career opportunities.” Our staff prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a commercial driving career as well as the (CDL) License, whether your objective is driving a tractor-trailer, truck, or bus vehicle.

You will also train and prepare with the latest equipment and technologies enabling you to successfully pass any employers’ pre-employment skills test. This is our mission.

In order to accomplish our primary objective, USA CDL Driving School Corp. continuously reviews its methods of training by maintaining on-going dialogue with new students, graduates, employers and regulatory bodies that contribute to our organization’s future performance and highest standard.

We hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming classes and wish you the best in your new profession.



News and Bulletins

CataLIST: The Aptly Named Super Truck!

Sometime ago, USA CDL Trucking School reported on a program shared by the DOE, some leading trucking businesses and private enterprises.  The government dedicated 115 million dollars to it, but private enterprise more than matched it.   Trucking giants, Cummins, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Navistar and Volvo made their contributions. Then they shared a 270 million dollar […]


Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Trucks Bring It!

Concrete Mixer, Fire Truck, Shiny Tractor-Trailer Rig and Cute Pick-up Truck:  What do they all have in common?  They are pink!  This October, USA CDL Driving School has seen many styles and types of trucks painted bright pink! They are dedicated to October’s cause of Breast Cancer Awareness.  We have also seen abundance of pink driver’s […]


Attack of the Robot Trucks: Driver’s Alert

Although we have seen metal robot monsters as villains in many science fiction films, we have never seen them target “an entire class of blue-collar work in America.” USA CDL Driving School wonders if you are aware of a quiet invasion.   Do you know that some experts believe that truck driving is obselete? Cold […]


Watch For Youthful Drivers

If you asked Sam’s Mother what he was like as a kid, she would tell you he was an old soul, even when he was a baby.  In grade school, his adventuresome soul was committed to athletics, but his organized attitude toward his schoolwork surprised her.  However, it was no surprise to his family and […]


National Driver’s Appreciation Week: Truckers Rock!

This week, USA CDL Driving School sends 18 symbolic roses and an airhorn blast salute to the men and women who drive our nation’s trucks.  It’s National Truck Driver’s Appreciation Week!  This is the week, Sept 11-17, 2016, and USA CDL Driving School salutes truck drivers all over the country. Keep Calm and Thank a […]


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