Special Alert: Seat Belts Save Lives

March 16th, 2015

Seat belts are not just for the people who drive four wheels. 

USA CDL has become aware of some startling statistics regarding truck drivers and seat We advise truck drivers to wear seat belts, for safety's sake !belts. According to the CDC, 2012, 697 truckers died in crashes, but the number could have been lower if seat belts had been worn.

Another number that could have been reduced by seat belt wear was 26,000 truck drivers who were injured in crashes, but could have had injuries mitigated or avoided if they had been wearing their seat belts.

You know, at USA CDL, we are very concerned about the scarcity of truck drivers, so we want to keep all of you who drive, safely on the road as long as possible.

So, please, drivers try to Buckle Up!  Likewise, if you are at this USA CDL Driving School online resource to consider a trucking career, perhaps this is a good time to decide what kind of a driver you will be.

We hope you will be a safe one.

More Statistics:

Other research indicated that the same truck drivers who said they never wear seatbelts shared some other rather sordid statistics:

1.  Have a record of at least one moving violation in the past year.

2.  Often, they have driven 10 mph or more over the established speed limit.

3.  Such drivers often live in a state that has no primary-enforcement seat belt law.

4. They work for an employer who stays in business without a written safety program.

So, the statistics speak for themselves, but the question looms largely, like the elephant in the room:  How can truck drivers be encouraged to wear their seat belts for their safety and for others?

Yes, we said, “others,” because sadly, some accidents have featured the death or injury of people in the Seat Belts bring you Safety. passenger side of the cab, caused by the driver’s body colliding with them at high velocity or pushing them through the window.

The CDC did not have a budgeted, enforceable plan to solve the seat belt problem, but they suggested that Company management interventions should support wearing belts.

They also highly recommended that drivers work with engineers and designers to create changes, make the seatbelt more comfortable and wearable for the long haul. We can only hope these measures will motivate greater seat belt use.

Eighteen Wheels and A Dozen Roses Award

If you read Overdrive, last year, you probably followed the story of the “Long Haul Survivor.”  In brief, it was a custom Peterbilt 379, built by fleet owner-operator Eldon Jaeger.

As the truck toured the country through 2013-14, it was responsible for gifting more than $100,000 to the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” project.

Cancer Awarness rides with today's trucks.Jaeger is doing it again!

In honor of his daughter, Brenda, he has created “Destination Unknown” a Peterbilt 359 day-cab with an 84-inch “extra extended” hood.

If you look closely at the grille design, you will see that it “was created by uniquely positioning small stainless cut-outs of individual ribbons all around.” The ribbons are in the familiar shape of support for the cause of fighting cancer.

You will also recognize the color of the paint job on this sleek rig:  a cheery shade of lavender purple, the color for the fight against cancer.

Jaeger’s son-in-law, Heiderscheit, explained,”

Under that extended hood is a “Detroit V-12 for power and an Allison automatic.”

Heiderscheit added, “We are going to sell raffle tickets at different truck pulls in the Midwest for a chance to drive it at that pull. Also, we are selling tribute decals to put on the truck in memory of cancer survivors or those who passed from cancer.”

Watch for it:  It’s Big, Purple and Proud!

The truck will make its debut May 1 at Jaeger & co.’s Midwest Pride in Your Ride Truck Show in Earlville, Iowa. By the way, the Midwest Pride In Your Ride Truck and Tractor Show is a two day event held the 1st weekend in May at the Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, Iowa.   This event is part of the Relay for Life organized events organized to bolster cancer awareness and increase funding for the American Cancer Society.20130720_101557_flip

Because all of the proceeds from this event will benefit the American Cancer Society, USA CDL Driving School, grants them the USA CDL Driving Blog Award. 

As you know, this little award  is not a trophy, but simply our thanks and recognition to Jaeger and Co.’s Midwest Pride In Your Ride Truck Show, for their part in supporting both a favorable image for the trucking industry and a charitable event for their community.

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